The LOESCHE Waste-Conditioning Plant is designed as a set of modular construction kits to provide the greatest flexibility and adaptability to your needs.

Loesche Waste Treatment
  • Waste Conditioning Plants

  • Alternative Fuels Feeding Plants (for Cement Plants at Calciner or Main Burner)

  • Alternative Fuels Feeding Plants (for Co-Firing or AF-fired Power Plants)

  • Fuel Systems

New Projects/Green Field Plants

Loesche Solid Waste Treatment
  • Best Quality AF, tailormade to the specific needs of cement and power plants

  • Sustainable Solutions

  • Modular Construction Kit

  • Unsorted MSW with high moisture content

  • Green and Clean

  • Biogas Production on Request

  • Electricity Production on Request


Old Dumpsites

  • Remediation

  • Stabilisation

  • Integrated Approach

  • Different technological set-ups available in modular form according to specific needs

  • Biogas can be produced, using the fermentation plant kit

  • Electricity can be produced, using the waste-to-energy plant kit

  • Fuels produced in the plant can be compacted for cost-effective transport, using pelletizer or baler kits

  • Composting plants available

Recovering valuable materials (plastic, paper, metals, glass, and so on) that would otherwise be lost

Generation of high-quality fuels for the cement and power industries results in huge savings of energy costs

Composting or stabilizing the organic fraction to avoid the potential for methane or CO2 emissions and leachate run-off

Reducing the volume for re-landfilling by recovering the valuable contents and treating the organic fraction.

Save tremendous costs for sanitary landfilling

Disposing of residual material in a new sanitary landfill that is designed using state-of-the-art technology with proper sealing, drainage
systems, and so on. Harmful environmental impacts are eliminated

Complete rehabilitation of the area for further use (parks, etc)

Handling high-moisture MSW with up to 55% water content, where other equipment fails

Initial decomposition of the organic fraction reduces the composting time from three months to three weeks, as well as reduces odor emissions

Moisture levels are reduced by around 15-20 % during grinding in the Cascade Mill and Rocket Mill®

Sewage sludge/leachates can be added to the Cascade Mill feed at rates of around 8 t/h of sludge to 12 t/h of MSW, depending on the materials’ moisture contents

Turn Waste Into Profit!